Founded in 1921, the first Graduate Women in Science chapter was formed just one year after women achieved suffrage.  The group was originally founded as a fraternal science organization for women to provide them with the opportunity to interact in the informal and powerful ways that men in science did.  Today, GWIS offers fellowship programs, chapter activities, and a chance to connect women with other women through all disciplines of science across the globe!

Our Mission


We strive to achieve this mission by three simple goals:

  1. CONNECT.  Strive to build a powerful international network of women scientists.
  2. LEAD. Mentor the leaders of today so that they can inspire the leaders of tomorrow.
  3. EMPOWER.  Empower women scientists to excel in their careers.

Since our first chapter was established at Cornell University in 1921, Graduate Women in Science has grown to reach women not only in the US, but our over 1,000 members are spread across the globe!  We have a rich history full of amazing women and stories.  Our organization is stronger than ever.  Our National organization, which serves as the umbrella for all the local chapters, works hard to oversee our endowments, administer fellowships, provide professional development and networking opportunities for our members, and ensure the continuity of this unbelievable organization. Learn more about GWIS here.

Looking Ahead

In 2021, GWIS Eastern South Dakota committed to creating a more inclusive and socially just environment for our local chapter. Recognizing that equity in STEM is intersectional, we released the following address on International Women’s Day 2022:

GWIS Eastern South Dakota pledges to continue the work of our founders to create true equity in the sciences. We welcome all persons of all backgrounds who wish to share in this mission.

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